Review: Philmont’s The Transition

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Album Reviews
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After a short stint on the once infamous Forefront Records, pop/rock act Philmont finds itself independent once again. The band included its fans in their latest project, Transition EP, by allowing them to assist in funding the album through Kickstarter (a fundraising website that’s become popular among independent bands). Compelling hooks, bright melodies, polished production, and spirited lyrics make this release their best yet.

This six-song EP is catchy throughout, from the toe-tapping punk-infused rocker “I Am” to the sing-able “Ringing In My Head” to the melodically beautiful acoustic ballad “The Last Song I Sing.” The lyrics are just as captivating as the melodies. According to vocalist, Scott Taube, “The Alchemist” was “written as a metaphorical debate for creation,” certainly an interesting topic for a song. While Philmont’s songs don’t explicitly use “God” or “Jesus,” it’s pretty obvious that the songs have spiritual undertones with lyrics like, “Cause who am I/that You would die to prove/that the worthless are all worth it” (“Closer”).

Philmont matures its sound with Transition, while maintaining the spunky, high-octane rock that fans have come to love. Philmont is transitioning into a seemingly bright future…

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