Review: The Radiance Effect’s Separate & Change

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Album Reviews
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In the over saturated pop/rock market, it isn’t easy for new bands to garner attention. Many factors play into building a fan base, but solid music is a crucial part of the equation. For The Radiance Effect, this is a non-issue. The Missouri-based act’s second full-length record, Separate & Change, is nothing but solid, offering hook-laden pop/rock tunes and alternative rock anthems with meaningful lyrics to boot.

Separate & Change takes off with high-octane rock on “Bring Me Down.” The energy continues on the infectious “Nothing To Lose.” Both tracks offer lyrics of encouragement. “Make It Happen” sums up the band’s mission- to inspire change, “I know that we can make this happen, we can be the ones/To fight the fight that we believe in, be the change we’re looking for.”

The Radiance Effect goes for an edgier rock sound on “Out of Control” and “Prodigal,” similar in vein to This Beautiful Republic, before returning to a more mild-mannered rock on “Never Let Go” and “Tonight.” The two final tracks focus on break-ups, but the lyrics are refreshingly positive, refraining from wallowing in self-pity or tearing the other person down, “With all things considered, I suppose I should be bitter/But I just find my self fortunate to have loved at all” (“She Said”).

Separate & Change is an accessible, polished effort. More importantly though, it’s encouraging and inspiring. The Radiance Effect is destined to create a buzz with Separate & Change.

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