Interview: Sons of God

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Interviews
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Aaron Newberry of Sons of God shares about their upcoming record and other exciting stuff they have in store for 2011…

So tell me a bit about the formation of Sons of God. I read that you went through a lot of members in the beginning?

Yeah, it was like a solo project turned band. I feel like it went through phases. It was like, Okay, I’m gonna do this, and it was me and a friend. And then it didn’t work out. And I was like, Okay, I’m gonna go this direction, and then two more guys would come in, so it would be a three-piece. And so, that happened literally like six or seven times. And I actually moved twice- relocated to try to make it work with specific people. Like, at one point I had moved to Albany, Georgia, and my bassist at the time moved with me, and we were gonna play with our buddies Jason and Jeremy, who used to be in Chasing Victory. And that didn’t work out either. So, I kinda at one point, after probably going through more than ten members and feeling like I was the only one that was highly invested, I gave up. And then the guys just kind of fell in my lap at that point.

Sons of God has teamed up with Come&Live!. How did you connect with them?

Well, me and the past band that I was in showcased for Come&Live!. And I played previously with some Tooth & Nail bands, so I knew Chad. I was promoting a show in my hometown in Oklahoma and one of the dudes in the band- I was just hanging out and talking with him- he mentioned that Chad was leaving Tooth & Nail and I was like, “What?! Wait hold on, what are you talking about?” Because at that point I’d heard nothing about [Come&Live!] and he told me. And I had this demo of “Caution,” so after he told me, I got right online and I sent Chad the demo of “Caution.” And I’m like, “Yo dude, I heard something about you leaving Tooth & Nail and starting something new, and I just wanted to be one of the first to talk to you about it, if at all possible.” He loved the demo and randomly was on tour with The Glorious Unseen and Sleeping Giant. And they were coming through my area and so somebody on that tour got a hold of me, and I went to that show that night. Some crazy stuff happened and Chad and I talked, and that’s kind of when it started.

What are some of your musical influences?

Oh man. Well, I’d say for me, for a long time, it was pretty obviously like Thrice, Muse, Radiohead, stuff like that. And I feel like we’ve taken on a lot like Deftones and then Smashing Pumpkins even, at times. Also, for me, Copeland was a big influence as well.

So as of now, The Genesis Prologue EP is all you have out? Or is there any prior material available?

Yeah, they only thing we had before were demos, but I wouldn’t even call those released songs; I just put them on Myspace, not really thinking about whether people were listening to them or not. So yeah, The Genesis Prologue is all that we’ve got available at this point.

When people hear your music, what do you hope they take away from it?

I hope they take away whatever it is that they are needing. And I know that sounds vague, but I’m not specifically out to nail something down other than… like I really do hope that people can relate with my struggles and kind of my thought process at times. I feel like often, just as a person, I’m kind of misunderstood. And I feel like if I can offer a little bit of hope or a glimpse of I think about this to something contrary to what people may think, I think that’s all I can ask for as a writer that people would take away from what I write.

Back in the fall, you raised money through Kickstarter to fund your upcoming, full-length album. Have you guys recorded the new record yet?

We’ve written and we’ve recorded some, yeah. But I wouldn’t say we’re finished by any means at this point.

Do you have a time frame in mind for the album’s release?

It’ll probably be later into next year.

Does the new record focus on a particular theme or subject matter?

I feel like in the writing process, at least, I felt like I was writing to myself in a sense… kind of a battle of right and wrong and good and evil- what’s in my own mind and my own heart. Writing that to my own self is just like writing to anybody else because I think at times we all need a word of encouragement, or even just somebody to be bold. And so I kind of felt like I went out on a line, and I was saying things that maybe some people are timid about or maybe even afraid to approach, I guess. As far as a theme, I think from song to song it varies.

You guys have been talking about some surprises that you have in store for 2011. Can you share any details?

Well, one thing is putting our money where our mouth is, as far as touring goes. We’ve talked about touring a lot in the past and there were a lot of reasons that kept us from doing that, but this year I don’t see any reason why we’re not going to play in every area that we can. We keep asking our listeners to let us know where they want us to come because we’re listening to them, you know? We definitely want to make sure that they know we’re hearing them out. I’ve literally written down every single city that I have seen on our Facebook and on Indie Vision Music.

And, that we’ve worked really, really hard on the new record, and that there will absolutely be a record coming out this year.

So do you know who you will be touring with, I guess in the January-February time frame?

Well, we’re gonna actually start off the year in April, just because of the writing process and everything. But starting in April, I’m really not sure… I know we’ve talked to Mike Mains & The Branches about doing some stuff together, and we’ve talked to Abel and Showbread. But as far as anyone else, I’m really not sure right now; we’re just gonna take it one step at a time.

For more information on Sons of God, check them out on Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook


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