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While Josh White may sound like an unfamiliar name, he is not new to Christian music. Once the frontman for Christian rock act, Telecast, White currently pastors and leads worship at Door of Hope, a church in Portland, Oregon. The singer/songwriter composed worship songs for his church and recently recorded these songs to form his first solo effort titled Achor.

Even though the music on Achor is rather mellow and understated, it’s an intriguing blend of instruments and styles. Songs like “He Who Feeds the Ravens” and “Holy Ghost Revival” are rootsy bluegrass. “You Amaze Me” is similar to John Mark McMillan’s folk acoustic style. “He Is Able” and “To Burn In You” incorporate brass, flutes, and other woodwind instruments. Other songs are more stripped down and simple such as the final track, “Be Still.” “Awake” is a musical highlight of the record, a beautiful praise tune sung by a choir and carried by a group of stringed instruments.

The lyrics on Achor are worshipful yet honest. One of the most lyrically potent is “Let Me See Your Hands,” “Jesus, let me see your hands/I want to see the holes where you felt Your Father’s plan.” Other songs are more stirring than potent. “Our God Is Present” reminds us that when we seek God, no matter what the circumstance, He is with us. “I Love My God” is another standout as a peaceful and intimate worship song.

Josh White has crafted a seemingly flawless album. Achor is a breath of fresh air in the over-saturated worship scene, not only because of its colorful musical style but also because of its striking authenticity.