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When I heard that Hawk Nelson was releasing another album my initial thought was, Didn’t they just release an album? Turns out it’s been a year and a half since Live Life Loud. Time flies. The Canadian pop/punk act’s fifth endeavor, Crazy Love offers a good balance of pop/punk fun and meaningful messages.

While Crazy Love doesn’t take as many musical liberties as Hawk’s previous effort, it makes for a more cohesive record. The title-track and “Your Love Is A Mystery” have a pop/synth influence, which fits nicely with high-octane pop/punk, reminiscent of their Letters to the President days, on “Tally-Ho,” “Skeleton,” “Fraud,” and “Joanna.” Even more energy is displayed on “LAX,” a chaotic punk ditty expressing the band’s frustration with airports, “I hate airports, I know they hate me/I know they jade me and that’s my point.”

It’s not all lighthearted lyricism though. “We Can Change the World” rallies listeners to make a difference in the world. “One Shot” follows the theme of their last album, urging listeners to “live out loud” because “you got one shot.” “Your Love Is A Mystery” is one of Hawk’s most overt songs to date, “You love me Jesus, it’s a mystery/You know my faults, You know my wrongs/And You still love me.”

I stated in my review of Live Life Loud that I could be a Hawk Nelson fan by their next album. While I’m not quite there yet, Crazy Love has convinced me that Hawk Nelson is a CCM staple.

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Tooth & Nail act Children 18:3 may only be on their second album, but after releasing arguably one of the best debuts in T&N history, this punk band’s impending sophomore release Rain’s ‘A Comin’ is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Children 18:3 continues with the dark punk, while also expanding its musical palette by incorporating more pop.

The ominous, driving rock title-track leads into “Cover Your Eyes,” an in-your-face punk/rock tune that is reminiscent in style as songs on the first record and is likely to become a fan favorite. Another high-octane track, “The Cruel One,” follows. The lyrics are interesting to listen to, as David sings of an infamous Disney movie villain, Cruella Deville. Lee Marie takes hold of lead vocal duties on “Oh Bravo,” an anthem that will have listeners chanting along. Even though the message on “Oh Bravo” is metaphorical, it’s actually one of the more obvious spiritual songs on the album.

Pleasant harmonies, handclaps, and a syncopated acoustic guitar give “Oh Honestly!” a summery pop feel. “Wonder I” has more of a rock edge, but Lee Marie’s ethereal falsetto on the chorus lightens up the song. Moody rocker, “Lost So Long” is one of the album’s highlights and also resurfaces the theme of “coming rain.”

Rain’s ‘A Comin’ solidifies Children 18:3’s reputation as the finest punk/rock band Christian music has to offer. The harmonies, hooks, lyrics, guitar riffs, drumming- everything Children 18:3 serves up is top notch. This is a five-star album that is not to be missed.